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YPADD aims to bring a revolutionary solution to the global address system by providing a PERMANENT address for your business or yourself that NEVER changes no matter where or how many times you relocate around the world. Changing an address comes with a ton of complications; such as updating clients, financial institutions, utility companies, courier companies, vendors, business correspondence material such as Letter heads, Business cards, Marketing material, and the list goes on.

According to a research, companies tend to incur about 20% to 25% dip in their business when they relocate. Reasons include:

  • Losing valuable clients who are not updated about relocation / contact details, etc. 
  • Losing posts or mails being delivered to your old address when you have already moved. 
  • Reprinting costs of correspondence material i.e. letter heads, business cards, legal documents, etc.

Chances are, that you will never be able to update each and every one no matter how smartly you play!

With YPADD, you will never need to inform and update everywhere about your new address. YPADD provides you with an online address (in shape of an Alphanumeric code such as ABC-123) where the contact information of your business is published. This ensures that you can use the YPADD address on all your letterheads, legal documents as well as websites and even business cards etc.  Whenever your correspondence address and/or contact details change, you would ONLY need to update on YPADD. There would be no need to change the business cards, letterheads, or the marketing material when you’re changing the address using YPADD. Thus, it becomes immensely easier for you to update all the customers with your latest correspondence details. Your clients can also easily locate you by typing-in your YPADD address on our website or YPADD App search tool.

With YPADD, there would be no issue of changing your business/residential address when you relocate.

  • No more problems for your clients/contacts with finding a location of your company/residence in case they moved to a new location. 
  • No more problems with asking for the new location. 
  • No more problems for a business to inform their clients and prospects for a new address. 
  • No more problem of changing addresses on your business cards, letterheads, and websites, etc. 
  • No more hiring of resources in banks or any other institutes to deal with the returned mails to reprocess. 
  • No more cost and hassle of reprinting stationary material all over just because you moved. 
  • No more hassle of updating the whole world when you move. (YPADD provides auto intimate facility to the users, companies, and institutes you have signed up with). 

YPADD also provides PIN Dropped location feature which enables you to pin your exact location on the map. This way, anyone will be able to locate you and also open your address on navigation system on their device to navigate through the routes and reach the exact location without any hassle.



Giving people access to stay connected forever’ 

Our vision is to revolutionize the physical address system and making your life easy by providing a Permanent address that never changes, no matter where you relocate as a business or an individual, making your move easy and cost effective.